Leadership and Management Development

When leading, managing and supervising, there is a common thread: To get others to follow, produce, and grow. These programs provide basic supervisory and managerial skills for employees who have recently been promoted and leadership skills for employees who are potential leaders.

Training Programs:

Coaching Skills
Coaching can play a significant role in employee performance. Discover the impact of failing to coach and learn how to coach effectively using a model for coaching.

Delegating Skills
One of the most difficult task for supervisors is learning how to delegate. Delegating means letting go.  Learn how to “let go” and use delegation as tool to coach, train and maximize staff and gain time for yourself to focus on the big picture.

Leadership Development
You’re the leader now and you need to lead.  What does this mean?  In this workshop you will learn how to project a leadership attitude, develop effective leadership skills and model good leadership practices.

Management Skills for the New Manager
As a new manager, you have to make the adjustment from working alongside your peers to managing and motivating them to work for you. What skills do you need to accomplish this? Find out in this workshop that is designed to help you develop the right skills you need to be an effective manager.

Managing Change
Change is not always embraced. In today’s setting, change is inevitable. Everyone has to determine how they will accept change.  In this workshop you will develop the skills needed to proactively manage change and help others to adapt to change.

Mentoring for Supervisors
Supervisors fulfill many roles and one of them could be the role of a mentor for an employee.  Can a supervisor be an effective mentor? Discover the differences and similarities between mentoring and supervising and learn mentoring skills to be an effective mentor.

Motivating and Managing People
Are your employees stuck or becoming stagnate? Is their productivity declining?  Do you know what it takes to motivate them?  This workshop is intended to increase your ability to motivate and enhance employee satisfaction and job performance.

Performance Management
Do your employees know how well or poorly they are performing?  Do they know what is expected of them? This workshop covers the skills needed to enhance the ability to communicate performance expectations, provide feedback and determine the source of performance problems.

Project Team Leadership
Are you leading and managing a project team? Is the team functioning as smoothly as you would like?  Learn how to lead a project team in a way that ensures project success. You will learn desirable project manager characteristics and skills, as well as how project managers can motivate project teams. In addition, you will learn how to overcome project management challenges and manage the project team to ensure timely project completion.

Supervisor Skills for the New Supervisor
Supervisors are often promoted into this role because they are skilled at being an individual contributor.  To be successful as a supervisor, you need new skills.  This workshop is designed to develop the skills you need to be an effective supervisor and prepare you for your role as a supervisor.

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