Business Skills

Being successful in business means having a broad range of up-to-date business skills. This can include managerial skills as well as technical skills relevant to the industry in which your business is operating. These programs are specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to effectively develop and maximize their skills for the success of their business.


Training Programs:

Building Business Relationships using Exceptional Customer Service Skills
Great customer service can make a world of difference between long-term success and short-term failure. Learn how to provide great customer service through uncovering the basics needs of every customer, using great communication skills and understanding the importance of going above and beyond.

Using Goal Setting Skills to Increase Business Growth
Knowing where you are going and having a roadmap to get there is vital to the success of your business. Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and align them with the growth of your business.

Managing Conflicts Skills
Conflicts are unavoidable. At some point in your business, you will have to handle a conflict situation. In this workshop you will explore the nature of conflict and obtain tips, tools and strategies for managing conflict.

Making the Most of Meetings
Meetings are important to your business because they help to build relationships. Yet, at times they can become unproductive and even a waste of your valuable time. Learn methods to make meetings productive for you, your clients, and customers.

Using Effective Time Management Skills to Increased Efficiency
It is well known that time is money and money is time and no business owner can afford to waste either. Find out how to make time pay off for you and your business.

Presentation Skills for the Business Owner
You know your product or service inside and out. You’ve been asked to make a presentation to a potential client and now you got cold feet. Discover how you can deliver a powerful presentation and win over that client.

Sharpening your Decision-Making and Problem Solving Skills
As a business owner you make decisions daily and have to solve problems when they arise. Learn what your decision-making style is and find out if it has an impact on the way you make decisions and solve problems for your business.

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