Productivity Skills

Increased productivity empowers you to contribute to business growth. These workshops are designed to help individual contributors improve and boost their productivity that translates into increased business performance.

Training Programs:

Customer Service
Customers are the lifeline of any business and the way they are treated determines whether they will stay customers or not. In this workshop you will learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude and acquire the skills needed to effectively relate to customers to keep them coming back.

Managing Difficult Customers
Difficult customers are still customers. Learn how to identify why some people are difficult and some are not; recognize the many behaviors that difficult customers exhibit and learn what techniques and strategies to use to manage them.

Meeting Skills
We’ve all been in meetings that appear to be a waste of time. Meetings are a critical tool in accomplishing goals in an organization. This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools and tactics of how an effective meeting is planned and managed.

Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills
Do you struggle when it comes to making decisions? Does solving problems cause you anxiety? Learn how to become an effective decision maker and problem solver through using a variety of decision making techniques and tools for problem solving.

Team Building
Why do organizations forms teams? How do you benefit from working on a team? This session is designed to take your through the fundamentals of building a team from the stages of team development to recognizing the characteristics of a high performing team.

Time Management
Today we have many conflicting priorities demanding our time which should you do first? This workshop will address this question and provide practical approaches to how you manage your times using the Time Mastery System.

Train-the-Trainer: The Essential of Training Delivery
Effective training delivery is a critical factor to achieve a successful training program. Even the best designed training program will fail if the instructor’s delivery falls short. This workshop focuses on how to apply adult learning principles, establish learning goal and using effective facilitation skills.

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