Business Challenge: Reluctance to Change and Sabotage


This company found itself wrestling with conflict and disharmony across departments and within its organization. Morale was greatly impacted by the negative environment. The majority of the staff consists of long-term employees, contributing to complacency. They not only resist change, they have been known to sabotage change. This company engaged BWM Consulting, Inc. to analyze the situation, make recommendations, implement a strategy, and to do it soon!

BWM Solutions:

BWM Consulting, Inc. began a thorough analysis of the company’s needs and identified several goals including:

  • Creating an environment for cooperation and cohesiveness.
  • Improving morale and communication, establishing goals and objectives for the staff.
  • Relieving the executive director of tasks that should be handled by the senior manager and staff.

Client Benefits:

By utilizing the solutions provide by BWM Consulting, Inc. this company was able to:

  • Increase staff awareness in recognizing communications styles and in adapting their own communication style.
  • Review each departments functions and identified areas for improvement.
  • Establish and implement a performance review system.
  • Hold weekly meetings regularly for the executive director and the staff.
  • Implement weekly coaching sessions with specific goals and timelines for the senior manager.
  • Develop an operational guide to improve operational efficiency in the organization.
  • Pursue peak performance.
Business Challenge: Lack of Management Skills Overwhelms


This owner of this company lacked the basic skills needed to operate a business.  After nine months of sole proprietorship, he realized he was overwhelmed by the demands of his enterprise.  Communication was not as effective as it could be, customer service was not at the level the owner desired and ultimately, potential sales opportunities were lost.  The owner hired BWM Consulting, Inc. to help him.  His goal; to set his company on the right path by improving his management skills.

BWM Solutions:

BWM Consulting, Inc. first met with the owner to assess his skills.  It was determined that the he lacked the skills necessary to organize, plan, and prioritize.  He also needed to become proficient at follow-through and time management.   BWM Consulting, Inc, reviewed the company’s day-to-day operations, identifying problem areas the owner should focused on and working with him to establish and implement a time management system.  The consultant’s goal was to enable the owner to master these skills vital to the success of his business.

Client Benefits:

By using the solutions provided by BWM Consulting, Inc., it enable the owner to:

  • Achieve control over the operations of the business.
  • Reduce frustration.
  • Project a more business like image.
  • Establish a system to set goals and monitor progress against those goals.
  • Find time to work on building the business and not just running the business.
Business Challenge: Show the Client the Money!


The client owns a small business with five employees.  The company’s profit line was shrinking due to an increase in costs, together with slow revenue growth.  Cash flow was becoming a major concern, hampering the owner’s plans to grow the business.  Bottom line, the owner needed to find ways to free up cash.

The Strategy: Show the Client the Money

BWM Consulting, Inc. conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s operations, examining all of its expenses and financial processes to determine where costs reductions could be made.  The company was outsourcing its payroll function, which is not uncommon for a small business.  And, as with most companies that have employees, payroll is one of its biggest expenses.

BWM Solution:

In the assessment of the situation, BWM Consulting, Inc. discovered that the company was paying for payroll services that was not fitted for a company of their size, but for large companies and corporations.  BWM Consulting, Inc. researched other payroll services and recommended a vendor that was a better fit for the client’s needs.  It was evident to the client how switching to the recommended vendor would result in a major cost savings for the company.

Client Benefits:

By utilizing the solutions provided by BWM Consulting, Inc. this company was able to:

  • Implement cost containment measures.
  • Improve its bottom line.
  • Focus on growing the business.
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